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Dual Purpose Corp.

11-24 31st Ave Long Island City, NY

Project Dates: October 2007- April 2010

From the time that each floor was being poured during the construction of the East River Tower, Dual Purpose Corporation was present on the site as the HVAC Mechanical Contractor. The HVAC system in this building features a one-of-a-kind single pipe constant temperature heat pump loop. This building was the first tower to incorporate this design in the North East!

The overall goal in the design of this HVAC system was for efficiency. Each of the 79 apartments throughout this building has their own separate heat pump unit. The design of his system provides both heating and cooling for each room individually within the apartment, providing the maximum amount of comfort, control, and utility economy. The overall goal of this project was met efficiently heating and air conditioning the building while also maximizing the amount of livable space throughout each apartment.

Church on the Hill

167-07 35th ave, Flushing NY 11358

Project dates: April 2008-August 2009

Project Goal:

      The building was originally erected in 1929. The HVAC system in place, before the church contracted with Dual Purpose, consisted of central steam heating plant, and no air-conditioning.  The overall goal of this project was to move from a central to a decentralized system to provide individual thermostats for heating and cooling in classrooms, hallways, and larger spaces.

Project Description:

     To fulfill the project goal thermostatically controlled heat pumps were installed throughout the classrooms, hallways, and other spaces including a large ballroom, chapel, and superintendent apartment. Copper tubing was installed throughout the complex to support the heat pump water loop.  Four water source heat pumps were installed specifically to address the chapel and ballroom heating and cooling requirements.


    In order to heat the loop, we installed three 300,000 BTU high efficiency condensing gas boilers in the mechanical room of the building. In order to cool the loop, we installed a 50 ton closed circuit water tower in the rear of the building.

    The last component of the project included the installation of a computerized control system. This equipment monitors and adjusts the system operation including loop temperature and occupied space temperature.

    Today each classroom's temperature settings are controlled individually, which permits a teacher to adjust the temperature specifically to each classroom's needs.

    This new state of the art system now allows the church to hold large group gatherings in their ballroom and chapel, which previously was an extremely uncomfortable setting due to their old, outdated system.

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